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24. Apr, 2014 - Thursday
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Are you ready to welcome the New Year with open arms and heart? Smile; this year our entertainment industry has a lot to offer. The much hyped up fashion week is no more in news and people are assuming it to be called off by now. But, then the events postponed will soon happen this year. Along with that there are other activities especially planned for the year 2008. Be it an award ceremony, a music album launch, a new movie or simply a new trend in clothing; we will have all the prospects to celebrate our aesthetics and fortes.

The New Year's Dhoop

After being in the biz and the 'buzz' for so long, Strings have finally decided to come up with their new album titled Dhoop. It was due to get release in July '07 but tours didn't allow them to do so and they kept on postponing it. Ah! too bad for the fans. But, don't worry! It's now expected this month. Guess, the New Year is going to be really lucky for the music industry. After all, we don't anticipate a mediocre album from the rocking duo of Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood.

Talking a bit of about the name Dhoop, we wonder that whether Strings are under some superstitions of alphabets? Their past two albums Duur and Dhaani started with the letter D and made records of success. Maybe, they deem the letter to be lucky for them.

Whatever the case is, information reveals that they are reviving some of their old tunes from their first two albums released nearly two decades ago. The hit track from their first album 'Jab se tumko maine' is the highlight of Dhoop with some improvised sound in it. There are more old tunes to look forward to but for that we will have to wait for the album.

Then what about their singles released throughout the previous year? Are they going to include Akhri Alvida, Zinda and Hum hi hum hain in their latest venture? We can't really comment on that right now but whatever they do we all have high hopes from them. Nevertheless, they have never let their fans down and have always left a positive mark on our music industry. Good luck Strings! We are already proud of your efforts to take our music to the international front.

Beware; Klashnifolk will get you!

The other most awaited album of the year is Ali Azmat's second solo attempt Klashnifolk. Ali seems to have come out of his shell after the disbanding of Junoon. Now, he is free to play with the sound, the melodies and the lyrics too - a call for freedom of creativity. His debut album Social Circus proved out to be the bestseller of the year and won a number of awards. That was a great achievement for Ali which made him stronger in his beliefs and ideas.

That's not just for him, even his fans are sure that he can make them rock even without the Junoon label on him. Lately he has been working on the videos from Social Circus but then he realised it's better to spend money on his new album and videos rather than spending it on the previous album. Klashnifolk is scheduled to be released earlier this year. It's all about our culture and a common man.

According to Ali, Klashnikolf is a part of our culture and every little kid knows about it so keeping in mind its relation to us, he has come up with Klashnifolk. Maybe, he wants people to associate with the album and immediately grasp its essence. The album is expected to reflect Ali's mood - the twists of life and the ways he copes up with them.

And when we think Ali will be really busy to even think of something else, we are proven wrong. He is also planning to produce music for some Bollywood movies. In fact, work is in progress across the border. That's another good push to our music industry!

Kurkura Kara on its way

We all love festivals and carnivals. That's how we show the world that we have an inspirational and enriching touch to our nation as well. In holding up this status, Kara Film Festival has always played a very important role. From past six years the gala is being celebrated making it even bigger and better every year.

Kara has attracted the film makers from all over the world and has brought forward both commercial and small budget films. The fifth Kara had 150 movies to its credit which increased to 170 during the sixth film festival. Through this we not only cherish the work of foreign directors but it's a platform for our film makers to display their talent and creativity.

The seventh Kara film festival was scheduled in November but due to the bomb blast which killed more than 150 people in the city, the event was postponed and is now scheduled for early this year. It was a great setback for all the cinema lovers who like to watch something thought provoking presented in a non commercialised form. But, the organisers plan to move forward with their trend and we will soon enjoy selected movies from the world.

From the last year's slogan Tamanna ka chhata qadam, we will see where the sab se karara festival will go this year. For the people who were thinking it's all over now, cheer up! It's soon going to take you by storm and make you love our world of motion pictures.

No more wait for Ramchand

Let's move from music and talk a bit about films. Khuda Ke Liye was a huge success and opened avenues for other directors to come out of their small screen persona and create their magic on big screens. The next film maker to try out luck with movies is none other than our very talented Mehreen Jabbar. She is a complete perfectionist who gave the TV series a new look and feel. Her name is enough to ensure the success of her plays. They are different - strong story, intriguing script, right execution and amazing acting. She has given actors like Humayun Saeed, Sania Saeed, Nadia Jamil and Faisal Rehman a stand of their own.

Mehreen's debut on big screen is titled as Ramchand Pakistani and is about a family who lives at the border of India and Pakistan. How their young son accidentally enters Indian territory and is accused to be a spy. The story is about the mother - her pains and sorrows for what her son is going through. The star cast includes Bollywood actress Nandita Das, Rashid Farooqi, Tipu, Zhalay Sarhadi and Farooq Pareo. It is scheduled to hit the theatres sometime in the early 2008 as its post production is nearly in its completion stages.

Mehreen has always created images which are true and amongst us. We can easily relate to her stories and the way of telling them. If we get a few more film makers like her, we sure will bring the people back to cinema houses without any 'foreign' support. Anyway, just keep your eyes open for the theatre's coming attractions and get yourself booked for it.

Posted on Jan 01, 08 | 9:35 pm